Now, I know what you’re all wondering: Just what is Philip’s condition?

When Philip was about 3 months old, the doctors told my parents that Philip wasn’t hitting the proper developmental milestones that he should have been. After many months of tests, they diagnosed him as developmentally slow, with autistic tendencies and muscle issues associated with cerebral palsy. I was young and don’t remember much other than knowing my brother was just my brother.

17 years later, he’s practically a man at 6ft tall! My family also believe’s that Phil has acquired OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

Another common question people have: Is it hard?

Of course it’s difficult at times, but for me, he’s just my baby brother and he always will be. You just adapt to life, just as you would in any other situation. You get pretty good at learning the art of patience at a younger age.