Therapy is Play and Play is Therapy

Many special needs individuals undergo a lot of therapy, whether is be shuffling to and from doctors offices, camps, clinics, behavioral physicians, medical specialist, Speech therapist, orthopedic doctors, or even the pharmacists for medication. Parents (and family members) are so busy trying to keep track of the more traditional kinds of therapy, that they often forget the simple kinds.

Did you ever have a hobby or sport that just ‘took you away from it all’? Well, They need an outlet, too. Everyone needs something to get them active, mentally or physically to distract them from the daily hustle of life. Life with special needs kids can be tough, so it’s important to do some research and get some input on activities they can participate in.


Philip did karate for a few years, and he loved it! He went from a pudgy boy to a strong string-bean in only 3 years. He made friends (some of them he still talks to and has “play-dates” with) and they taught him so much about self discipline and working toward your goal. He also participates in Lagrange Challenger Bowling Club which he’s made many friends in. They fill up really quick, so that shows how popular they are. They have two season of bowling: winter and summer. They also have TONS of other “challenger” activities such as baseball, basketball, soccer and many more! You’d be pretty surprised about how many programs there are for special needs individuals.

img_1753Therapeutic Horseback riding is also a very common and wonderful activity to get a special needs child involved in. Animals have a way of helping people heal, and horses especially have this quality. Petting an animal is known to decrease anxiety and risk of depression. It also lowers blood pressure, and come on, they’re so soft and cute who wouldn’t want to pet animals!

Here’s My friends link about animals that you may find useful and some other websites I found about Riding therapy, Karate for special needs, and other programs for special needs individuals.

Green Chimney’s is a wonderful place that helps children with their animals!

Disabled Sports USA has TONS of athletic opportunities for your child!

It’s not only special needs parents getting sympathy stares


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