A Roller Coaster With Philip

Another fact about Phil-he loves roller coasters. He’s watched YouTube videos of people screaming and laughing and crying for years now. He laughs so hard that tears stream down his face when he watches the silly things! People would come over and hear screaming in my Dad’s office. They would look at me, their brows drawing up in concern until i realized why and told them it’s just Phil on the computer. They always had to see why he was screaming.


The kicker is, he was terrified of roller coasters for the longest time! Obsessed as he was, he would not go on them. He would beg us and cry to go on. When we all packed in my Mom’s minivan and finally went, he was always too chicken to go. It’s fair though.

I’ve always thought that he’s kind of battling with rational thought when he’s scared of this stuff. You see a person on a ride and they’re laughing and having fun. But then you really look at the thing their on, and ya gotta wonder: what the hell is keeping them on? To get on a long, thin cart that practically flies on train tracks a hundred feet in the sky, I mean, a person has to be delusional to get on, right? Without the knowledge of physics and all that, roller coasters are down right deadly. And Phil doesn’t understand physics (hell, I don’t either, I just pretend to know what I’m taking about), so this huge thing is just terrifying!

dragon_coaster_832868So, about 2 years ago, he finally gets on a roller coaster. The one at Playland, in Rye. He about peed his pants, and I think he cried a little when the ride had stopped. But he had fun. He screamed so loud and high pitched that I could have sworn I was seated beside a pterodactyl dinosaur. that was the beginning of quite the love affair. Now, we make a point to go to his first roller coaster each year.



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