10 Essential Facts With Philip

phil-pic-1There are some must know facts about Philip that everyone simply has to know upon meeting him.

  1. Philip is super friendly. He will greet you with a smile and laugh at your jokes (even if he does’t totally get them).
  2. He will likely flirt with you and tell you you’re beautiful or handsome. (Don’t be embarrassed by this)
  3. If you take something out and leave it out, you will spend the next several days looking for it. His cleanliness can get overbearing at times.
  4. Halloween is the God send of holidays in our household. We prepare for it a month in advance and probably have more motion censored Halloween trinkets than any person on our block.
  5. I am 5 years older than Philip and our younger sister is away at collage. When he misses her, he can get pretty cranky.
  6. Pranks are a constant in our household. Our mother is always picking up little “pranks” from the dollar store.
  7. Phil loves to workout! He goes to the gym frequently after school with our Dad. (That’s their “male bonding” time)
  8. Philip does the work program through school, and he works at Planet fitness and a senior center.
  9. He loves to bowl. He bowls on a league through Lagrange Challenger Bowling and has been doing it for a few years now.
  10. No matter the difficulties Philip (and us) face, he’s still just a 17 year old boy and everything that accompanies that.

It’s a wild ride with my little brother and everyday serves a different challenge, but everyday we get a different reward.


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